Which Natural Clay Is Best for Your Skin?

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Beauty clay can do wonders for your skin if you choose the right type. Learn how to choose the best natural clay for your skincare routine.

Your skin is the first thing others notice about you. It can give an impression of your health and vitality. The question is, what impression is your skin giving about you?

If you are looking for an ideal solution to improve the health and beauty of your skin, natural clay could be just the thing.

Here's a simple guide to some of the basic natural clays so you can understand which is perfect for you.


1. Rose Clay

Do you have dry skin? Rose clay is gentle enough for sensitive and dry skin. Its texture is very fine, so it's gentle on your skin.

Rose clay has a soft texture similar to that of kaolin. Its mild pink tone is not only lovely to look at but comes packed with naturally occurring iron to help fortify your skin.

Because of its beautiful color and ability to absorb oil, rose clay is a perfect additive for soaps and face washes.


2. Bentonite Clay

If you're state-side, you're in luck when it comes to finding bentonite clay. Produced mainly in Wyoming, bentonite is derived from volcanic ash. 

Bentonite is almost magical in its ability to absorb. Amazingly, it can absorb more than it's own mass in water. So, for those with extremely oily skin, bentonite is an ideal remedy.

Bentonite is also commonly used in shaving creams and soaps. It's highly smooth texture makes it perfect for shaving up close.


3. Sea Clay

Sea clay may be one of the most familiar facial clays on the market. Just about every chick-flick known to man features a scene with women wearing sea-green facial masks. What are those masks all made from? You guessed it, sea clay.

Sea clay is created from sea mud that has laid beneath the ocean's surface for millions of years. This has allowed it time to develop nutrient-rich properties that are excellent cleansers.

Whether you have dry or oily skin, sea clay is versatile and gentle enough to work well with either. 


4. Kaolin Clay

If you're looking for something natural and gentle on your skin to use for makeup application, kaolin is commonly used. It usually comes in a soft white shade so it's easy to incorporate in things like eye shadows, blushes, soaps, and scrubs.

Individuals with dry skin may prefer kaolin clay for a cleanser as it's not as absorbent as many other clays. It will not strip sensitive skin of needed moisture.


5. Green Zeolite Clay

Looking for an exfoliant? Green zeolite is thicker in texture than many other clays. It's also quite absorbent.

It can be used to gently rub away dead skin and dirt from your face, leaving you feeling fresh and radiant.

Zeolite is a tiny mineral that forms when volcanic ash reacts with alkaline water. It's a great clay for use as a cleanser.


Find the Right Natural Clay Today

Choosing the best natural clay for your skin depends largely on your skin type and whether you plan to use the clay in makeup or cleanser.

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