Ingredients to Avoid in Skin Care: Harmful Toxins You Won't Find in Natural Products

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If you love your skin, you don't want to use products containing harmful toxins. Learn what ingredients to avoid in skin care today.

When you're choosing your skincare products, the last thing that you think about is how bad some of the product ingredients can be for your skin.

It's confusing to think that products that are supposed to be beneficial and aid in healthy skin can actually prove to be detrimental.

In this article, we are going to explain some ingredients to avoid in skincare. Not only will we explain the ingredients, but we will also let you know why they should be avoided at all costs.


Ingredients to Avoid in Skin Care

The reasons that these ingredients aren't beneficial for your skin ranges from drying the skin to causing flaking and much more. There are more ingredients that you should avoid than we have to go over. However, we will do our best to provide a thorough explanation of some of the top ingredients that are used in skincare products.

There are tons of brands that provide products that are natural and don't contain the harmful ingredients that you're about to read about.



Alcohol is what you grab when you're trying to clean out a wound that you've sustained. However, it's typically one of the first ingredients listed on the skincare bottle's back. The reason that alcohol isn't good for your skin is it causes your skin to become dry.

It makes it more challenging for your skin to replenish those oils that have been stripped from the surface. Alcohol is one of the ingredients to avoid in lotions as well as chapsticks.


Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is usually found in treatments that you would use to help remedy acne issues that you may have. This ingredient can cause more irritation to your skin instead of treating the situation, which can cause you to aggravate your acne further.


Carbon Black

Everyone loves the way the mascara elongates and seemingly changes the appearance of your eyelashes. An ingredient found in mascara is carbon black, and it has been linked to organ toxicity. Making it something that you may want to check for the next time you need to purchase more eyeliner or mascara.



This may be an ingredient that you've not often heard of but is commonly used in shampoos and various sprays. This ingredient is harmful because it's incredibly toxic and has been known to increase cancer because it reduces the strength of the immune system.



Aluminum is used for much more than just lining the bottom of a baking dish or being used to cover a batch of leftovers. It's frequently used in antiperspirants and sunscreen lotions.

Studies have been done that show a link between aluminum and diseases, including Alzheimer's. When aluminum is present in sunscreen, it has been known to cause damage to the skin.

Crazy right? Something that is meant to protect your skin can really be damaging it because of this one ingredient.


Take Care of Your Skin

When we talk about ingredients to avoid in skincare, many can damage your skin instead of helping to improve your skin. By avoiding these ingredients and using natural products, you'll be able to better protect your skin.

If you're looking for natural and beneficial for your skin, contact us so that we can send the correct products to you.