5 Compelling Reasons to Use Activated Charcoal Skin Care Products

Did you know activate charcoal is amazing for your skin? Learn five compelling reasons to start using activated charcoal skin care products now.

Do you struggle with acne, skin sensitivity, or flaky skin?

Your skin care products may not be working for you.

If you don't think your current skin care products are effectively treating your skin care woes, it may be time to switch out a few of your products. Products formulated with activated charcoal are gentle and able to help with a number of skin problems.

You may be wondering, "What does activated charcoal do for your skin?" Well, we're here to tell you! Here are five reasons why you should start using activated charcoal skin care products.


1. Activated Charcoal Is a Natural Ingredient

Activated charcoal is made by heating coconut shells, olive pits, peat, and other materials at high temperatures. The high heat increases the charcoal's surface area and makes it more porous, meaning it allows for things like dirt and oil to stick to it.

It's important to note that activated charcoal in beauty products is not the same as the charcoal you cook with!


2. Improves Acne

You may be wondering, "What does charcoal do for the face?"

Since activated charcoal's main function is to draw out toxins and other things that don't belong on your skin, it can also pull bacteria and dead skin cells from your pores.

A buildup of dead skin, bacteria, and dirt in your pores is what causes acne after your pores become inflamed. This inflammation then leads to redness and swelling. Activated charcoal benefits skin by acting as an antibacterial and preventing acne from occurring in the first place!

A charcoal scrub benefits your skin by exfoliating away dead skin cells, reducing the potential for acne. Likewise, charcoal bar soap can reduce acne all over your body! 


3. Absorbs Excess Oil

If you struggle with an oily T-zone or a greasy complexion, activated charcoal may be the ingredient your skin needs!

One of the benefits of charcoal on skin is that it helps you keep your oil production under control. The porous activated charcoal grains can potentially clean deeper inside your pores by attracting the oil within them, and giving you a less oily complexion.

Keeping your pores clear of too much oil can also help prevent acne breakouts!


4. Products Are Inexpensive

Since activated charcoal is all the rage in the beauty community right now, you can find lots of products that feature the ingredient.

Activated charcoal products are typically cheap and able to be bought over the counter.


5. Safer Than Some Skin Care Products

Some skin care products contain ingredients that aren't good for your skin. The ingredients can be too stripping, leaving your skin dry and flaky, or too heavy, which prevents your skin from breathing.

Activated charcoal is a safe ingredient that gently draws out impurities in your skin, making it easier for them to be washed away.


Starting an Activated Charcoal Skin Care Routine

Now that you know the benefits of activated charcoal skin care, it's time to try some products! A clearer complexion awaits you!

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